League Highly Recommends Batting Helmets

We know that it seems silly to wear a batting helmet in a slo-pitch league. No one is going to get hurt by a pitch.

But you can get hurt by a thrown ball while running the bases. And in most cases, you'll never see it coming.

Last summer, a 32 year-old man was killed in British Columbia playing in a slo-pitch league. He was hit in the head by a throw as he ran to first base.


In the United States The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which collects data from hospitals, reported that in 2016, 4,885 people suffered a head injury while playing softball that required a trip to the emergency room. 1,686 people were diagnosed with a concussion.

People in our league have been hit in the head. Thankfully, they have all recovered.

We expect some people will wear a helmet this season, and most won't. But we hope you will all consider it.

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